Crazy (:

Bie :')

Seriusly Im starting to love this name. Why? Because Im seriusly IN LOVE with him. Haha yes sayang its true. Every breath I take, I love you more and moree. I just cant be far apart from you. I love you to much sweetiee :) And I think you do know that kan?  Hihii, So now I have you and you have me. And sayang, loving you has been the best thing for me. Yes I love you. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you  *Okay taktahu lah dah berape kali i ckp love you kan. HAHA So what? Its only with you rite? Tehee :)
 Here's something I need you to know badly. I know you're reading what Im saying so I hope you understand what Im about to say to you.
I am yours, forever. you're the best thing i ever had. you're not my first, but you're the best from all

 I hope you had fun reading it. Because this is only for you biee. No one else but YOU bie. Missing youu like hell rite now Monster :)

I never want you to stop loving me.because you could be the one that i love're my heart, my soul my all in all love, when you smile you make just want to stare at you, I will love you forever till death do us part Iloveyousomuch :]